Kuvr® Knowhow

Our Knowhow section is an informal knowledge hub to help share information about Kuvr® products with our customers, mostly in video form as you'll see below. 

Quite often — and particularly in the midst of a pandemic — we find it really helpful to create video replies to questions that might otherwise be a little difficult to explain in writing.

This generally means one of the team here (or even a willing customer!) will go and shoot a quick explainer video using their smartphone. These clips ultimately end up here in the hope that they can help you too.

You can also find more answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ section. For anything else feel free to get in touch.

A word of warning: these aren't necessarily highly polished product videos. They're rough and ready for the most part, and exist primarily to help educate!


Customisation options

A bit of an amalgamation of earlier videos! Here we explain all the common customisation options for our clear screens and tarps.

Can we fit zips?

If there's one question we get asked more than most, it's this one! So let's address it!

Edge reinforcement strip

A quick primer on the edge reinforcement strips we place in our clear covers.

How to hang a tarpaulin

Here we explain a few ways you can hang one of our tarpaulins using various accessories we stock.

Tie back tassels

Want to roll up your screens and tie them up out of the way? Tie back tassels are the answer!

Can a tarp be hung either way?

This is a common question we get asked about the standard size tarps/screens that we stock.

Are our tarpaulins suitable for all weathers?

The simple answer is yes — but it does depend on how well you're securing them. Let's get stuck in and we'll explain!

Fixing options

How exactly can you fix or fasten clear screens and tarpaulins? We discuss a few different options.

Introduction to eyelets

A quick introduction to the eyelets we fit as standard in our covers.

Key differences between Flexi 30 and Ultra 50

We explain a couple of distinguishing features our two most popular clear PVC materials.

Turn buttons

Turn buttons are a popular alternative eyelets. In this video we discuss them in a little more detail.

Open hems

How do you anchor down the bottom edge of a screen on hard standing ground? Here's how...

Solar gain and insulation

Do these screens reduce solar gain? Are they insulating? Let's chat it out.