Instant quotes for custom covers, by Kuvr® design and manufacture high quality, heavy duty custom covers for a huge variety of applications. Our covers transform spaces, protect possessions and provide peace of mind.

We're a British company with factories located in the industrial heartlands of Sheffield and Birmingham. We're salt of the earth folk; straight talking and detail oriented with an uncompromising approach to customer service.

Instant quotes for custom covers is our mantra, high quality workmanship is what we stand for, keeping manufacturing local is our philosophy.

Our story® (it's pronounced 'cover' by the way!) is an offshoot of a family business that was established in the 1970s and specialises in the fabrication of outdoor structures like gazebos. This soon lead to the design and manufacture of bespoke canopies to cover these frameworks.

Orders for all kinds of custom covers followed, and through many years of design and manufacturing expertise,® was born. Meanwhile, the original family business, Janus Ridgeway Ltd, very much still exists and continues to thrive to this day. demystifies the design and manufacture process for our customers. We don't use confusing technical terms and, from design concept to finished product, we're totally focussed on providing a seriously great customer experience.

Our use of automated quoting tools and computer aided design software, coupled with our (relatively!) young and energetic team means we occasionally get mistaken for a tech startup; the reality is however that we know a bit about computers but a heck of a lot more about manufacturing.

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