Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered many of your frequently asked questions below. You can also find more detailed information and videos in our Knowhow section. For anything else feel free to get in touch.

Yes, the dimensions you give to us are the dimensions we will manufacture to (the 'finished size') which includes a 40mm hem around the edge.

There is a slightly confusing and somewhat old fashioned industry term called 'cut size', which we do not use. It refers to the cut size of the material before the hems are folded into it. For most people we find cut size can cause unnecessary confusion so we'll avoid using it unless you request otherwise.

While we're on the subject of size, note that we manufacture to a tolerance of 50mm. Due to the elastic properties of clear PVC fabric, temperature fluctuation can sometimes cause size to vary by 10-20mm, although in very extreme cases, and particularly on larger screens, this variance can be up to 50mm.

In warmer conditions, clear PVC fabric becomes more elastic which allows it to expand, whilst in cooler temperatures it becomes more stiff which leads to contraction. We explain this in more detail in this short video.

With the above in mind, we cannot guarantee millimetre perfect sizing, but we can generally get pretty close. Even in cool temperatures, the fabric will retain some elasticity, so generally speaking you should provide us with the dimensions you require but keep in mind that it may stretch a few millimetres beyond this.

If you have very exact size requirements then we recommend you drop us a message before ordering so we can discuss your options.

The Ultra 50 is as close to being "glass clear" as you can reasonably expect from a flexible material. The Flexi 30 is a little more hazy by comparison. Keep in mind that both these are both flexible fabrics which will likely mean a bit of distortion in clarity if the material flexes in the breeze.

If you've ever spent any time camping or at an outdoor wedding then you'll probably have come across similar fabrics which are commonly used as clear window infills in tents and marquees. Drag the slider below to see a side by side comparison of our two clear materials and get a better idea of the level of transparency you should expect from our clear material.

Original Image
Modified Image

Yes, 100%.

Yes you can. You can customise your eyelet spacing in the "Eyelet customisation" section of the Instant Quote calculator on our product pages.

Take a look at the below video which discusses eyelets a bit more detail...

After receiving your order, we aim to get diagrams emailed over to you within 24-48 hours.

Our current lead times are quoted in the delivery information section towards the top of the product page. This timescale can vary depending on how busy we are so please check before ordering.

Delivery is free to mainland UK addresses. Charges may be applicable to other areas. Please contact us if you require more information.

We're a long established family business based in England. We'd like to think you can trust us! We've been designing and manufacturing tarpaulins and clear screens for many years. You can find out more about us here.

For custom covers, we accept returns if the product is deemed faulty — and therefore covered under warranty — or if the request to return is a consequence of our own error, such as incorrect dimensions or material specification. Our full returns policy can be found here.

Yes we do. Our Ultra 50 material is supplied with a 1 year warranty. Our Flexi 30 material is supplied with a 6 month warranty.

Possibly, depending on your dimensions. We manufacture our clear screens from material that is supplied on 130cm or 180cm wide rolls. Where the screen width/height exceeds these dimensions we join fabric with a heat weld which can result in a visible seam.

If this is the case then we'll indicate the seam on the diagrams we supply to you for approval. We'll generally run it horizontally and out of eye line on the lower half of the panel. We can also position seams vertically if preferred or in a specific location to avoid being noticed, just let us know.

Yes. As standard we fit a 40mm hem to all edges. In the case of the Flexi 30, we'll insert a white strip into the hem to provide additional reinforcement for the eyelets. The Ultra 50 material is supplied with a clear hem.

Take a look at the below video which discusses hems a bit more detail...

We recommend a few different options. Take a look at the below video which discusses these options in a bit more detail...