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Whilst putting together January's article, Garden-inn: the delightful world of pub sheds bars and nightclubs, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ashley Turner, organiser of Pub Shed of The Year and one half of Two Fat Blokes Bar Sign Emporium. These guys have designed more pub signs than most of us have had hot dinners so we thought it was only right that we should give Ash the opportunity to impart upon us some inspirational names for your next shed or garden bar. Take it away Ash...
Two Fat Blokes Bar Sign Emporium Shedquarters
The 'Shedquarters' of Two Fat Blokes Bar Sign Emporium with Matt, Liza and Ashley.

Through the pandemic we lost access to our pubs: the crisps, the beer, the sticky floors. But in loss, hope was born again… at the end of the garden. A lot of home bars were created to recreate that pub feeling at home. Some lucky few went as far as installing real taps and massive projectors to watch the match. The luckiest few even got their own custom bar signs from us at Two Fat Blokes.

Seeing all your quirky personalised pub signs and risqué garden bar signs got us thinking about all the other funny names we could come up with, as well as the best ones across the country. So, we did you all a favour and compiled this blog to help you think of an apt name for your lockdown pub signs.

The Cock in Hand
One of the many 'creative' bar signs produced by Two Fat Blokes. Any further explanation of this name is likely to lead to us being blacklisted from Google so we'll leave it at that.

If you’re feeling something a little different to the typical names, we personally enjoy a funny play on words or something a bit rude (but don’t we all). The UK does have a few cheeky pub names we like and we’re hoping you find some inspiration for your own personalised bar signs and garden bar signs as the funny ones do make our day.

Starting off strong, we’ve got The Polished Knob in West Yorkshire. Absolute 10/10, enjoy saying it, enjoy hearing it. It was first the Black Swan before getting its great new name in 2011.

Kidderminster have also got a great one, The Rank Turd. Could be a favourite personalised bar sign for anyone with bowel issues or a seriously bad hangover? Its original name was the Grand Turk and its new name was only temporary, so it is up for grabs if your garden bar doubles as an outhouse.

Kent next for the very lovely named The Cat and Custard Pot. Not a cheeky one but it definitely is unique. Apparently, it was originally meant to be called the cat and the mustard pot, but a sign maker made a mistake and the name stuck anyway.

The Rank Turd
Yes, The Rank Turd in Kidderminster really does exist. Credit: Twitter

The Drunken Duck in Cumbria is also a favourite. Perhaps a nice name for you Midlands folk looking for that personalised pub sign in the garden. The origin of this one is very interesting. Apparently, the landlady found all her ducks dead in the yard one day. She wasn’t going to waste them though and began to pluck them ready to cook. Apparently, while she was finishing, the ducks began to spring back to life. Upon further inspection of their pond, she found a leaking barrel and countless webbed footprints. They were just drunk! She was very upset however and knitted the little buggers some jackets to keep warm.

Still stuck on something different for your custom bar signs? The Two Fat Blokes website has a few suggestions for garden bar signs, and are more than happy to make personalised pub signs too!

Two Fat Blokes Bar Signs
Two Fat Blokes Bar Sign Emporium can provide you with the perfect finishing touch for your own Pub Shed.

Below we’ve got a few from our own noggin but we’d love to hear yours! Check us out for custom bar signs and garden pub signs.

  • The Sleeping on the Sofa
  • The Doghouse
  • The Second Wife
  • The Boot and Arse
  • The Drunken Skunk
  • Tipsy’s Tavern
  • Beer Belly’s Bar
  • The Money Pit
  • My Husband’s Idea
  • The Hideaway
  • The Escape
  • The Stagger Inn/The Stagger Out (double sided)
  • The Grumpy Monkey
  • The Giraffe to Come Inn
  • The Tipsy Cow
  • The Stayin Inn
  • The Mutt’s Nuts


Thank you for reading!

This article was contributed by Ashley Turner who is one half of Two Fat Blokes Bar Sign Emporium ...although there's actually three of them, one of whom is Ash's sister Liza — but it's a great name nevertheless! You can find Two Fat Blokes online at

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